Memorial Donations

You may choose to honor a deceased loved one by donating to the library in their memory. Please download the attached Memorial Donation Slip, complete, and mail to 100 Seneca Street Brownsville, PA 15417.

You may choose to have your donation used to purchase a book in memory of your loved one, or you may choose to place funds in our general account. If you choose a book, please specify if you have a particular title or subject matter in mind.

If you would like the family of the deceased to be contacted regarding your donation, please include their mailing information on the slip you send in.

General Donations

Donated materials:

The library accepts gifts of books and other materials with the understanding that they will be added to the collection only if they meet the library's standards and needs. If they are not needed because of duplication, condition, or dated information, the director may dispose of them as he/she sees fit. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they will be handled at the discretion of the director. The library cannot appraise the value of donated materials, though it can provide an acknowledgment of the receipt of the items if requested by the donor. Donated materials may be dropped off at the library during normal business hours.

We ask that donated books (or other materials) be reasonably close to new in condition and, aside from classics and popular authors, have a publication date within the past five years.

Monetary Donations:

The Library receives funding from the State of Pennsylvania, Fayette County, Brownsville Borough, Brownsville Township, Luzerne Township, West Brownsville Borough, and through personal and business donations. The library is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible. To contribute funds to the library, you may either print and mail the following form along with your check or use PayPal.

2018 Donor List

The Brownsville Free Public Library would like to offer our sincerest thanks and gratitude to all of our donors in 2018, to all who have participated in various raffles and fundraisers, and to those who have donated auction items, books, and supplies. We would not be here without you. We also wish to thank all of our wonderful patrons; we hope that we have served you well.

The BFPL offers our sincerest apologies for anyone we may have missed. Please reach out to us so that we can correct our mistake.

2018 Donors

Champion - $1,000 and up

Rotary Club of Brownsville, Brownsville Area Ministerial Association, Deborah & Jack Ferenci, Thompson Fund (CFFC), Eberly Foundation, Mon Valley Alliance, First United Methodist Church, Mauro Orsatti, Robert & Kathleen Millward

Partner - $500 - $999

Dwaine & Carrie Kromer, Fayette Parts Service Inc., Friends of Fiserv, Robin Acton, Phil & Eva Marie Giannetti, Matheia Society Foundation, Sunyecz Family Fund (CFFC), O’Neil Family Charitable Advised Fund (CFFC), Fayette County Charities Endowment (CFFC), American Legion Post 824, William M. Stout, Ann K. Drach & Charles E. Kreuzer

Sponsor - $250 - $499

Chad Dalson, Fort Burd United Presbyterian Church, Representative Pam Snyder, Glenn & Melissa Tunney, Joseph Kanyok, Louise Ferguson, Redstone Pharmacy, James Pflugh

Advocate - $100 - $249

W. James & Jacqueline J. Mountain, First Christian Church, Brownsville Women’s Democratic Club, Brownsville Chamber of Commerce, Harry W. Sumner, Sarajane Willson, Willson Porter, Melissa Porter, Wes Porter, Emily Porter, Grindstone Lion’s Club, Ben & Hannah Fisher, Janney Montgomery Scott, Roberto & Beth Croce, Nancy J. Lynches, Robin Toth, Elizabeth Cemal, Brownsville Historical Society, Samuel L. Savochka, Mickey Gerba, Marlene Ricco, Joan & John Clites, Carol B. & Bruce Golden, Pat K. & Casey Jon Maxon, Brownsville Beckman Initiative LLC, Beverly Kanyok, Louise Gage Jencik, Mary B. Hartely, Lester & Kasandra Ward, Patricia Redigan, Joanne Harris, South Brownsville Fire Company No. 1, Marian L. Swinker, Cindy Eichelberger & Brian Schimpf, Larry A. Franks Real Estate Agency LLC, Rohland, Patt, Rohland Associates, Dukman Distributors, Krauses Department Store, District Justice Joshua Kanalis, Solomon Auto Group, Fayette Podiatry Associates, Hiller Volunteer Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary, Daniel C. & Marcia J. Wood, Ladies Auxiliary 1356 FOE, James J. Duratz, Jerry’s Catering Service, Mark and Patricia Hall Mobberly, Todd & Susan Edwards, Clark & Tami Sealy, Jane S. Sheehan & Maureen Sheehan-Bachon, Mary Jo & Joanne Bashour, Terry Lockridge, Brownsville Ambulance Service Inc., California Army Navy Store Inc.

Friend - up to $99

Gary W. & Anna M. Smith, Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, Natalie Zuchelkowski, Christine Lenk, Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church, Erlene J. Cicchetti, Jack Miller, Sara Anne Vance, Bonnie Bakewell, Helen Sokol, Gary Shaporka, Rhonda & Lawrence Booze, Society of Catholic Women, Lincoln & Sandra McCain, Centerville Clinics Inc., IBM International Foundation, Beverly Novotny, Carol Y. Smith, Kay & Ray Pohaski, Bruce Hall, Amy Riegner, John & Areti Fitsioris, George & Maria Fitsioris, Lois Jean Buberniak, Richard & Nancy Crist, Kent & Karen Briggs, Alvin & Gloria Greenfield, Daniel & Eileen Stern, Heather Hall, Michael L & Yvonne M. Turner, Kathleen C. & David R. Bojtos, Jeannette Tiernan, Bernadette M. Danko, Paula Ann Zellers, Beatrice Loraine & Kent & Keith Jones, M. L. Danko, Lisa A. Pitek, Anna M. & David J. Neil, Virginia McVey, Garnet S. Wooten, Ruth A. Kudlac & Samuel D. Abram, Judith Hess, Morgan & Michele Colbert, Mary A. Sommerfeld, Robert C. Metz, Scott-Lynn Square, Pauline V. & Ronald V. Sabo, Ronald R. & Marcy L. Aldridge, Shelby & Sue Ferguson, Carolyn Henshaw, Anthony S. Dedola, Jr., Train Station Auto Inc., Marchando Motors, Mary E. Plachi & Melissa Columbia, Emma Fertal, Patrick Chrobak & J.L. Simpson, Candy Staggers, Gail Schwartz Gurin, Gary & Barbara Sabo, Devan & Kashmere Bell, Karen Vollstedt, Mary Placciti & Melissa Columbia, Kris A. Bishop, Patti & Harry Rutherford, Haluska/Teeter Family, Deborah J. Bayer, Gary W. & Anna M. Smith, Bruce Hall, Maryann Washnock, Helen L. Crawford & Cathy J. Knight, Sandra L. Mansmann, Thomas & Christine Buckelew, Brownsville Area Elementary School PTO, Stacy & Brian Lent, Joseph & Tammy Impiccini, Sr., Short Corp Management Co. Inc.,

Local Municipality Funding in 2018:

Brownsville Borough - $8,000.00
Brownsville Township - $750.00
Luzerne Township - $400.00
West Brownsville Borough - $800.00

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - $25,247.00
Fayette County - $3,610.00